Always Engaged in Writing…


The Couple That Cooks Together

Cover Re-Design (Like It?)


About two months ago (maybe three) I started this novel. I got distracted by “stuff” and hadn’t gotten back to it until just now.

Should be finished in the next couple of weeks, or months, or… years.

Want to read a synopsis?

Click the cover above.

I’ve never written a plot like this before. I’m even stunned myself with the whole plot and how it’s coming about! Hoping that the synopsis will peak your interest and that you’ll plan on purchasing it soon.


Branching Out

Don’t worry, my faithful readers. I haven’t given up writing. It’s just that some days my brain is fried and I don’t know exactly what direction to take whatever story I’m working on, so I give my writing-brain a rest and employ my designing-brain. All you have to do to a premade book cover is add your title, author name, type of book (ex. novel, novella, short story, etc.), and maybe a one-sentence synopsis (optional).

I now have a site where I sell premade ebook covers. Here is just a small taste of those available now.

Premade Book Covers

Want to check out those above and more?

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I had started writing a novel (BRANDED, you can read synopsis below this section), but had to stop, because I got temporarily stuck in the plot. While I was waiting for an inspiration on what direction to take the story, I thought while I was thinking that it might be fun to write a series that included BRANDED (again, read synopsis below).

Here are the four subsequent book covers I designed that week and even though I have no idea what the other three will be about, I just love the covers that I designed. What do YOU think?


Just below, take a minute to read about the first one, BRANDED, that I’m already working on.


Writing in Progress

Yes, Christmas romance plans notwithstanding, I’m still working on this novel.



While many authors can stick to working on one novel at a time, I’m more likely to be writing three to four simultaneously. (I get bored easily. Maybe it’s an age thing.)

This story line came to me one day recently and next thing I knew, I had designed a cover and had begun seriously writing on it. Now, I’m totally committed to it.


She didn’t know wherewhen, or how the tattoo ended up on her cheek bone. And even though the tattoo picture itself was actually a lovely bouquet of flowers, it was destroying her life. She’s been fired from her beloved job, her close friends have pulled away from her, and her family is so embarrassed by her seemingly rebellious act, that they have taken away her financial support, and sent her to the rural outskirts of London to stay with her aunt and uncle until she makes “the problem” go away. No one seems to believe that she had nothing to do with having the tattoo emblazoned on her otherwise porcelain face.

Feeling lost, confused, disoriented and all alone, Mina Clayton begins the search to find out how this horrible fiasco began, how to remove the tattoo, and how to restore her former, albeit “tame” life.


Still Working Away

My Tranquil Kathy

~ Book 4 ~


Well, Book 3 (below), MY FUNNY FELICIA, is completed and available. And now, I’ve already begun Book 4, MY TRANQUIL KATHY.

Thank you for the kind ratings and reviews on all the other novelettes below that are in this series.

This is novelette number 4 in an 8-surprise-ending-novelettes series called, “FOREVER BRIDE IN 21 QUESTIONS”.




My Funny Felicia

~ Book 3 ~


Well, yay! Books 1 through 3 of the “FOREVER BRIDE IN 21 QUESTIONS” series are completed and available at your favorite online retailer. (Once the entire series is finished, it will be sold as a series collection in paperback.) MY FUNNY FELICIA is completed and available at your favorite online ebook retailer. Hope you’re waiting excitedly to read this THIRD book in the series.

This is novelette number 3 in an 8-surprise-ending-novelettes series called, “FOREVER BRIDE IN 21 QUESTIONS”.




A brand new series has been born. “All in a Name.” Each story introduces a main character whose name is almost the polar opposite of who she is as a person. As each story unfolds, the question becomes, Will she embrace the meaning of her name, consciously or not, and, if so, how will it impact her life?

Ok, I guess it’s time to come clean fully and let my readers know that the first in the series, Joyful, Joyful has been released and is available right now at Amazon for Kindle, paperback, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

To read more about these story lines and order, click the above picture, or click here.

The question still remains, however… did I accomplish my 2019 writing goals? Well… yes and no. WHAT???!!!

I only wrote one novella called, RETURN TO CINDER ~ A CHRISTMAS TALE. (You’ll find out about this novella by clicking the title above.)

But, I’m letting myself off the hook. I’m disappointed I didn’t get all three pictured-above novels completed, but life just happens, doesn’t it? I’m sooo grateful, though, to have completed the one I did.

Perhaps 2020 will allow me to complete the second and third stories above.