Reading Becoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 1

Reading BHABNo doubt my biggest supporter in my writing endeavors is my husband. I suppose that should be the case with any loving married couple.

But, my sweet angel absolutely devours my books. The truth is, however, my newest one, Becoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 1 is his absolute favorite.

I told two posts ago how my Honey came inside from reading, saying he had to stop for a while because he was crying so hard during the un-birthday party portion of the story that he couldn’t get his eyes to focus.

Today, however, I snuck out and took this picture as he finished the ebook. He has asked already innumerable times when Volume 2 comes out.

“Patience, My Sweet Nano. Soon, very soon.”

P.S. He just came back in the house a bit ago. I’ve checked his e-reader. He’s already pre-ordered Volume 2. Yay!

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