Becoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 2 is Available!

eightIt’s here! It’s here! I couldn’t be more excited!

Becoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 2 is available on all e-reader platforms. I’m so grateful to all those who have been waiting for this after reading volume 1.

Rather than linking my readers right here to the retailers at which its downloadable, click here or click the book cover to the left to read a synopsis of both volumes and click through to the desired retailer and get it.

And, although volume 1 has been available for several months, for a limited time it’s FREE.

I’m excited to see how my readers receive it. In fact, for a very short time, if a rating and written review is given by any reader on volume 1, I’ll give the second volume FREE, as well.

After giving volume 1 a star rating and written review at any favorite e-reader platform, IMMEDIATELY email me at and tell me where I’ll find my star rating and written review. As my Thank You, I’ll give volume 2 FREE! (By the way, I truly want an honest review. There’s no penalty for truth. Promise!)

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