Forgetting Grammar, Punctuation & Syntax?…

authoratworkWell, I’m almost too mortified to share this, but, of course, I will.

As I shared earlier this week, I got lazy recently and am about 10- to 12,000 words behind where I should be at this point in my newest novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1.

It’s my own fault I’m behind. I’m guilty of being lazy and lethargic this last week. And, now I’m paying the price.

Fixing His Broken Ballerina (cover)littleAs I madly am dashing to catch up in word count (never gonna happen!), I am finding that a new “wrinkle” is in the mix.

I seem to be unable to remember anything about grammar, punctuation & syntax. And, it’s not only frustrating, it’s scaring me!

It started this morning when I couldn’t remember which of these was correct for possessive: 1) Doris’ pencil, or 2) Doris’s pencil. I mean, the woman’s name already ends in an “s”, so does that mean I only add the apostrophe, or am I supposed to add the apostrophe and another “s”?!

If that weren’t exasperating enough, I ran into another problem. I couldn’t remember how to correctly tell that Connie was both having an anxiety problem and difficulty in explaining something.

So… like, which is correct?

  1. Connie (with no small amount of anxiety), tried with difficulty to tell her about the situation.
  2. Connie, with no small amount of anxiety, tried, with difficulty, to tell her about the situation.
  3. Connie, with no small amount of anxiety, tried with difficulty to tell her about the situation.

Or, would it just be better to express in THIS cowardly, but correct form:

  • Connie was experiencing a great deal of anxiety. However, she told her about the situation. It was so difficult for her.
Or should it be…
Yikes! I can’t even remember what I was going to put down here! I’m losin’ it!
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