When I Write a Novel…

FHBBI couldn’t help but laugh this morning (then I took a picture). Yes… this really IS what my writing area looks like as I am currently writing my newest novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina.

Take a look at the screensaver background. Unbelievable, right?! It’s ballerinas all posed en pointe. And that’s really what I saw this morning on my laptop. It’s not enough to conceptualize a story and research it, I always seem to go to the nth degree in putting myself into the right frame of mind to write. Pretty obnoxious, right?! Why, yes, it is!

ballerinaThen, if the screensaver weren’t enough, notice the snacks I’m working on today. The truth of the matter is that normally there would be some sort of “junk food” reinforcement to fortify me while I create, but I giggled this morning, because somehow I’m taking to heart the facts I learned about ballerinas having long, slender arms, legs and necks. While I already have been given a long neck (genes, and all that!), did I somehow send myself some sort of subconscious message about the arms-and-legs thing?????

Grapes, a banana, and animal cookies (the NON-iced version). And, juice would of course be the choice drink. It’s almost as if I think I should be getting myself into a dancing fitness, even though I don’t dance. Hey… I’ll just say it… I’M PATHETIC!

Well, like it or hate it, I am who I am! And, I hope you do like the fact that my newest novel is coming closer to being released.

NON-SPOILER ALERT: The two male love interests of our ballerina in this novel have the same nicknames, and although the last names are different, the last name initial is the same for both. This is causing some real confusion for our ballerina.

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