What’s Wrong with Me???…

nanowrimi-graphic1Ok… I’m just going to admit it up front.

“I haven’t felt like writing for about two weeks. Not at all! Not even a little bit!”

Oh, I’ve “spewed” a few hundred words here and there, but there were days when I didn’t feel like writing at all, so I didn’t!

ballerinaThe point is… I should have had this book completed by now and at least be formatting at this point.

What is wrong with me???!!!

The truth is I normally love to write. My mind builds new chapter scenarios as quickly as it takes me to down a candy bar, two oatmeal sandwich cookies and a miniature Snickers bar. (And, trust me, that’s fast!!!)

Oh, woe is me! I am undone! My mind-eth doesn’t work-eth well at all these days. (This is my Old King James version of what I’m feeling. )

What brought this on today? Well, I was writing a scene which required me to know the ballerina’s physical therapist’s name, and do you think I had written it down in my notes, or could find it when I went back over the manuscript? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I never could find it, so I had to just keep writing, and every time I needed to write his name, I replaced it with “(name of therapist).” So, now this chapter looks like it’s dying a bloody death. And, with my mental state, I’m liable to forget to put his name in those places, and it’ll be published with the parenthesized phrases in red.

UGH! Double UGH!

Ok, well… enough of my self-sympathy. I need to get back to writing. Well, maybe as soon as I make myself a nice big bowl of macaroni and cheese. “Comfort food!”

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