Every Color of the Rainbow…

“Back in the day” I took ballet for a number of years. However, instead of taking it when I was a little girl, I waited until my own daughter was taking ballet, and joined an adult class in the evening, once weekly.

I loved it! I absolutely loved it!!!

colorful ballet slippers 3But, now as I look back, I feel cheated. I can remember that there was only ONE color of ballet slipper, whether soft or pointe. Pink, soft pink! I’m not even a “pink person.” I’m a “blue person”, and would have loved to have some blue slippers.

But, oh nooooooooo…. there were no colors then, other than that sad, sickly pale, nursery-room pink. UGH!

ballerinaNow, just in case anyone is wondering what colorful ballet slippers have to do with the novel I am currently writing…


I just happened upon these pictures and decided I had been cheated… jipped (is that the correct spelling?)… and otherwise short-changed! Why didn’t I get to wear beautiful colorful slippers when I danced?!

colorful ballet slippers 4And… if that weren’t enough to aggravate a person, check out THESE slippers. It would have been “ballet heresy” to decorate your slippers back when I was dancing. Look at them… all sequin-studded!

So, what’s the big deal?! Well, nothing except no one is here in the office today except me, and I’m desperately in the mood to whine and bemoan my young adulthood’s dancing days.

“O woe is me!”

Well, enough of this nonsense. I need to get back to writing!

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