Christmas-Blurred Lines…

ballerinaWhen I’m in the middle of writing a story, I have a tendency to somehow infuse a bit of whatever is going on in my own life… my real life! And, the story I am working on right now is no different.

Giselle, our damaged ballerina,  begins her story in a fitful, angry, depressed, and altogether unhappy place. The fact that she’s a believer has had little effect on how she looks at her “ruined life.” And, while I was writing this morning, I found that I was placing her into my real world of getting ready for Christmas… Jesus’ worldwide birthday party.

ugly treeSince this whole story is coming from my imagination, I understand why she is in such a terrible emotional and spiritual state. Her body has been ravaged in the car crash, her career ended before it’s barely begun, and she’s already decided that no man could ever love her. And, understanding that as I do,  I think the kind of Christmas tree and celebration she would have this year is best shown by this tree.

beautiful tree.jpgThe funny thing is, there is no part of this story that is yet even set at Christmastime. It may or may not get there (you’ll have to read it to find out), but any way you look at it, it will take a lot in her life to get her to the emotional and spiritual state where this tree is in her heart!

Now that I’ve shared the above, I want to re-iterate how much I love to romance my husband during the Christmas holidays. And, the plan below is the one that knocked him off his feet. He told me he’s never had so much fun and looked so forward to anything daily as he did every day when I did this plan!


Might do a version of this one again this year!!!

My husband said that he could hardly wait to get up each morning to see what his romantic surprise was for the day!

Yippee! Christmas is coming!!!


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