The Ballerina Christmas Tree…

Ok, I’m old enough to know that new and sometimes unbelievable things are happening everyday in this world. And, frankly, not many of them seem to stun or utterly amaze me anymore.

While writing any story, I find that I am often online searching new and interesting things about the story subject or characters that would spark a flight of fancy in the reader as he or she reads.

ballerinaAs my readers know, I am frantically writing my newest novel, Fixing His Awesome Ballerina: Volume 1, in time for its release in January. And doing so right here in the middle of Christmas preparations and festivities.

I’ve baked… I’ve written a little… I’ve gift-shopped… I’ve written a little… I’ve gift-wrapped… I’ve written a little…  I’ve decorated… and, I’ve written a little, until I’m exhausted! Although, I have to say,  it’s a great kind of exhaustion, though. I want Jesus’ Birthday Celebration to be something special that He’ll feel most welcomed at and honored by.


As I was doing my usual hunt for ballet trivia that my readers might enjoy reading about in this story, I happened upon THIS!

ballerina christmas treeA BALLERINA CHRISTMAS TREE!

No… don’t you dare sit there and shake your head at me with that a-ballerina-tree-yeah-right-get-serious attitude. I’m telling the absolute truth.


I’d never heard of such a thing. But, it’s very, very real. And here’s what I’ve discovered about it:

  • It’s a 6 foot tree
  • It has green PVC pine needles fashioned into a tutu
  • Its PVC stems and needles are the legs and arms
  • The dancer’s body and skirt are edged in red tinsel
  • It’s lit by 200 LED lights
  • It stands en pointe and arms are in fifth position
  • The ballerina pirouettes 360 degrees (with or without lights)
  • And… It’s regular price would pay for 7-1/2 of our regular Christmas trees

I can’t really see any way I can fit this phenomenon into my story, but what I do know is that NOW  I’ve heard of everything!!!

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