The New Year is Almost Here…


Just a few more days and it will be 2016. Here’s a brand new phrase I’ve coined that no one has ever used before… ever!

“Time sure flies!”

Ok, ok, I’m not the first to use that phrase, and I’m quite sure it’s because it’s absolutely true.

ballerinaI’ve been writing for WEEKS about my newest novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1, which is due to be released the end of January. And, as much as I’m loving writing the story, I’m getting a little tired myself of simply writing little entries about how I’m STILL writing away on it.

So, I thought that I would do something to close this gap between 2015 and 2016, and prove to my readers that I truly am working on it.

So, I’m giving my readers a “taste” of this novel that I truly AM writing.

Click here or click the above book cover to read the Prologue and Chapter 1 of this soon-to-be-released novel.

I’m looking forward to hearing from my readers about what they think about the Prologue and Chapter 1, so feel free to let me know by either posting your reactions at the bottom of the preview page, or write me a personal note at I promise to get back to you quickly.
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