I Love to Write, Maybe too Much…

I can’t begin to tell anyone how much I love to write. It is about the most pleasurable activity I can think of. And, when I’m not actually writing, I’m thinking about writing. Last night, for example, I woke up during the middle of the night and laid there for probably over an hour thinking through the pros and cons for each of the two endings I’m considering to complete the current book I’m writing, Fixing His Broken Ballerina.

WRITING ~ It’s my favorite thing to do!

Unfortunately, there is a problem that my writing causes, and it has been magnified by the time of year it is. Consequently, I am now suffering the consequences of succumbing to its lure.

Concisely put… between Christmas dinners, hot cocoa, Christmas goodies, and snowy weather that has forced me indoors where I automatically self-exile myself to my office computer, I have managed to put on some totally unwelcome pounds. Too much sitting with the writing that I love so much!

All my pants are too tight, my shirts are cutting me through the shoulders and arms, and I can’t even completely close my winter coat in front to hide the weight gain.

“UGH!” That’s the only thing I know to say!

So, here’s the deal. I have started a new regimen, with its rewards.

Since I love to write so much, I use it as my reward for almost everything else in my life. I allow myself X minutes ( or sometimes X number of words, which record automatically on my Word Doc program) of writing for having done one hour on the Gazelle. (If you don’t know what a Gazelle is… it’s kind of a treadmill without the impact to knee joints.) (Interestingly, during that hour, I am watching “Cupcake Wars” on the tv.) I allow myself 1 full chapter of writing, if I fast during lunchtime and eat no snacks during the afternoon. And, currently I am using the 15 minutes reward here at the computer for using water instead of milk in my morning health drink mix. There are other provisions to this system of weight loss which I’d love to share, but my writing reward time (which I’m using to write this blog post) is almost…

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