To Volumize or Not to Volumize…

ballerinaI have been working on my current novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina, for waaay too long now. It feels like it’s been in the works for years, although it’s really only been a few months. Even that is entirely too long to produce the story. My usual time has been more in the range of five to six weeks.

Why this story is taking so much longer, I have no idea, other than that “life is happening.” No major traumas, or emotional disturbances, no family crises. Just the minutia of daily living: business appointments, customer phone calls, dentist appointments, lunch/shopping with our daughter, trying out new recipes, fulfilling customer orders, and working on a really big decorating project in our home. Add into those the general laundry, cleaning, writing to church shut-ins, and lavishing hugs and kisses on my adorable husband, and I just am not accomplishing the  writing that I should have.

I’m even finding that my next story is intruding on my thoughts, even when I am getting some writing done on my current story.

And, if that isn’t enough to slow things down, I can’t make a definite decision on whether to make my current a particularly long one, or break it up into two volumes like I did my last one.

“Oh, woe is me! I am undone!”

Well, maybe not undone, but I sure am frustrated right now. I need to get this story completed so that I can move on to the next before it grows so blown up in my brain that it explodes. (Is that possible?!) I know it isn’t, but it feels like it could be.

beesWhen I woke up this morning, all I could think of was the Shakespearian quote in Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Only in my case it would be, “To volumize or not to volumize, that is the question.”

I guess I’ll eventually figure it out!

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