Our Lives are a Novel…


NovelAsLifeI was taking a break from writing this morning. I am so close to finishing my current novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina, and I find I am needing more and more breaks to clearly think through how I want the storyline completed.

While I took that break, I decided to do an online image search for anything “writing a novel”, when I happened upon this picture. As I sat and analyzed it, I realized an even deeper truth than that which the clip art conveys. Our actual lives (each and everyone of them) is the makings of an intriguing novel. Every last day is packed with all the elements of a novel: Title (your name), Author (your name), Dedication (to whomever or whatever holds the highest priority in your life), Table of Contents (your life has many chapters, and they’re almost countless, aren’t they?), And lastly, About the Author (God).

I don’t know what has made me wax so philosophical today, but I went even a step deeper while thinking about the clip art picture.

I know that while our life stories would be unique from each others, with more variables than seems even possible, there is one aspect of our stories that really only has two variations (or options). And, that is the Dedication. Either my Dedication is to Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, or it is not.

I would like my Dedication to read something like this:

“I dedicate this true story to the One who saw my great need to be freed from my horrendous sin and its death penalty. Rather than letting me pay the price myself, He willingly paid the price for me by dying a painful death on the cross. But, He rose again and is preparing my eternal home for me, where I’ll live with Him forever. To Jesus Christ!”

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