I Dumped Him…


Have you ever dumped a “romantic interest?” Have you ever been dumped by a “romantic interest?” I never have.

In high school, I only had three dates. The first was by the high school jock. One date. UGH! Then, I had two dates with the guy who took me to my prom… the first time was bowling, so we could get to know each other better before the prom. We went bowling. Then a couple weeks later, we went to the prom. Friends only! Never could be anything more!

Then, one week after high school graduation, I met my husband. I was seventeen. Married him when I was eighteen. (Neither of us had finished our education yet, and both of us still had years of education ahead of us after we were married.)

So, like I said. I never had the experience of being dumped, or dumping.

But, just this last week I became a “dumper.” I never intended to do it. It just kind of happened. And, now that the shock is over, I’m so glad I did! Everything about him was a disappointment. No character! No character whatsoever! May have been good-looking, but that’s where his positive attributes ended.

ballerinaWho in the world am I talking about?! My husband? Absolutely NOT! (He’s one of the greatest joys of my life!) I’m talking about one of the main early-on “love interests” in the novel I am currently finishing up. It was so strange. I thought he would hang on for most of the story, with our ballerina falling madly head over heels for him. But, as the story began revealing itself to me, I found that I was giving him less and less attention, and frankly, I wasn’t missing him… at all!

So, in one mighty blow, I told him to “leave and never return.”

And, know what? He did!

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