So, What’s Up with This?…

fhbbb2v2smallNow that I’m working diligently on the second volume of Fixing His Broken Ballerina, I find that I’m needing more and more times of quietly thinking about the inner workings of our broken ballerina.

It’s hard for me to imagine the discipline required to achieve the status of a professional ballerina. The years of training (mentally, physically, and emotionally) that must be invested in the art. To place all of one’s physical and mental reserves into that one “basket”.

What in the world has made me think such deep thoughts into such a small story?

In the writing of this second volume, the end of our ballerina’s professional dance career is a done deal. There is no hope of returning to its ranks after her body is healed to its fullest possibility. Her dancing dream is truly over! And, while our ballerina has some new and thrilling things ahead of her during this journey, I have this underlying concern that I won’t adequately keep within her all of the “dancer” that is in her soul. I don’t want to over- nor under-dramatize what is going on inside her as she moves on to something new in her life.

Not even sure where all this is coming from.

etherealballerinaI’ve had this picture in My Pictures for quite some time, and I think it best expresses visually what I’m feeling as I’m writing the end to this story. The picture is clearly a ballerina, but there is an ethereal feel to it. It is softened to almost a dreaminess. It’s almost what I’d like my words to tell in this story about the main character. She clearly has the soul of a ballerina, but not… Help! I’m not even sure how to express what I’m thinking.

Well, one thing is sure, if I can’t even say what it is I’m thinking here, I’ve got a long way to go as a writer and story-teller.

I’m thankful I’m not on some kind of time schedule!


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