A Little Like a Ballerina Cupcake…

ballerina2.jpgEvery weekday morning from 11:00 a.m. ’til 12 noon, Eastern Time, I walk on my Gazelle (Gazelle, not Giselle… one is the main character in my book, the other is the name of  my walker/glider/exerciser).

Anyway… I always watch the same one hour program on tv to keep me from going stir crazy during that hour of non-stop exercise. The program is about four baking competitors who compete with their cupcake creations. There are rounds and each one eliminates one of them, until there is only one left standing, who then gets to both showoff their baking skills at a celeb function, and they walk away with a boatload of money.

ballerinaWhile I was walking this morning, I got to thinking (as I actually do sometimes) that my newest released novel, Fixing His Ballerina: Volume 1, is quite a bit like the show.

Round 1: Taste Test ~ I always have my editor (my husband on this book) give me his honest opinion of the story, characters, settings (basically any critique he’ll give, I act upon). In the case of this book, he says he thinks it’s actually my best. (Of course, he hasn’t read the second volume yet.) He tells me both the strong points, and then tenderly gives its weak points. I trust his word.

Round 2: Sampling of All Flavors ~ During this phase, I go back and read the entire story, making any “flavor” changes needed, turning up the “measurements” on some of the fun, quirky, or important scenes, and finalize the story, fine-tuning anything that needs it. I’ve done this on this first volume, and I’m really pleased with the changes and fine-tuning I’ve done.

Round 3: Evaluating the Overall Product ~ Now, this is where my readers come in! Since it’s my readers who make the final decision on my novel, I’ll leave it in their hands as to whether the story was all they hoped it would be.

Leave me a rating/review. I’d love to hear from you!

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