Will Wonders Never Cease…

ballet flatsWhen I began delving into writing on my current book this morning, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2 (cover below), I just flat out admit that my head wasn’t in it. And, within minutes I had completely traveled from thoughts about my story’s ballerina and her plight to wearing ballet flats.

Don’t ask me why, I have no idea how I got from one thought to an entirely different train of thought, but there you go. From storyline to shoes!

fhbbb2v2smallWhen I get immersed in my writing, I can even dream about the plot and it’s characters. Maybe I was thinking so deeply about my ballerina, Giselle, that next thing I knew I was looking up ballet flats online, to see if I could find any that I should get to go with my jeans for this coming spring and summer.

Above are some of the ones I found. Notice the first pair has LOVE spelled out between the two shoes, then there are asymmetrical ones, some in every color of the rainbow, and even fancy ones decorated with lace and pearl ankle straps. My search online proved an absolute smorgasbord of ballet flat styles.

And, to think this whole bout of insanity started from writing my current novel!

Woohoo! I can hardly wait to go shopping now. I guess writing will have to wait until tomorrow!

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