Too Sunshiny to Write Much Today…


sunnyspringI couldn’t believe it when I saw the weather forecast for today! 82 degrees, and ALL sun, all day! Yay!

My plan for today was to spend just about the entire day writing. I am anxiously looking forward to finishing this current book, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1, and moving quickly on to my next story, Joyful, Joyful.

But, my plan for today was before I saw how glorious it was going to be outside!

We live on two acres of forest. We are completely surrounded by three- to four-story high trees… pine and some hardwoods. I love the seclusion and privacy, but the trees can often block out sun. NOT TODAY! The sunshine is just completely permeating every square inch of our grounds. And, Lord willing, I plan to be out in it for a good portion of today, or at least this afternoon. (I am in the middle of cleaning and painting deck furniture, putting out some newly purchased decorator pillows, and potting gazillions of flowers to sit all around.) I’m so excited!


It looks like writing might go by the wayside today. If I can get, say, fifteen hundred to two thousand words written today, I’ll be doing well.

Since my much appreciated readers are the ones who are stuck waiting on me to finish my book, so they can find out about Giselle, Conyer, Connor (yeah, he’s back!), and someone new, I can’t just leave you with no rewards for your faithfulness in reading my books, I’m going to take some pictures of the deck progress and post them, so you can see the progress of the deck, as I decorate it for the spring and summer. I’ll start doing that today. Keep an eye out for them!



I’ll keep posting as I make progress. After all, my readers should know what I’m doing when I choose not to write. Right?!

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