Magnificent Ballet Costumes…

ballet costumesOk… let’s be truthful… are ballet costumes more magnificent than they’ve ever been?! Well, maybe you don’t know, and part of it is because you haven’t lived as long as I have. I can remember what they looked like back in the 1950’s.

It has taken many decades for the “old school” costume designers and stodgy old  ballerinas to retire and move over for the designers and dancers of today to show that costumes don’t have to be a standard design in standard colors.

Take a look at the ballerinas in the picture. Don’t they look beautiful… really, really beautiful in their colorful butterfly costumes?! And, I guarantee you that their dancing was beyond astounding in that performance.

fhbbb2v2smallAs you can imagine, if you’ve read any of my previous blog entries (or any of my books), I love anything that is out of the ordinary in form, color, and design. (And, that applies to all things in life! I just looove anything different!)

So, I have yet again incorporated something about ballet attire and costuming in my current writing of Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2. Should add a lot of fun and surprise to the plot.

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! It’s getting closer and closer to being released!

I am beyond excited with the story!

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