I Think It’s Cry-Worthy…

masks2Friday I finished a chapter in which the… should I be telling this?! I don’t know if it’s wise to share something like this about my current writing, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2!

I probably shouldn’t, but the more I’ve been thinking about it (having already written about it), the more flabbergasted I become at the absurdity of the happening. And yet, it could certainly happen this way.

Oh, don’t get me wrong… the things that happened are well within the realm of possibility, but to have actually captured all of them at once and thrown them into one single scene just stuns even me. In fact, there isn’t a single time I think about the scene in this dance studio that I it doesn’t give me a moment of pause. (And, frankly, the more I think about it, I think I might go back and add a few more to the mix.)

fhbbb2v2smallThe scene takes place in a dance studio where young little girls are attending their very first-ever ballet class. Their challenges are real, and by the time the scene ends, there have been falls, accidental urine pools, a crazy cat, and a very, very loud… (No… that’s not all. But, how much do I tell pre-release?!)

What could be a scene that would make a reader laugh extensively at the absurdity, ends up making our heroine and her little band of faithful friends cry.

Well, enough of this. I need to get back to work writing. I am hoping the book will be released within the next two weeks (maybe three, at the most).  At least that’s what I’m shooting for.

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