I Accidentally Deleted It…

crazy1Yesterday, I began writing with an unbridled passion! The thoughts and words were coming so fast that I stopped every ten to fifteen minutes, wiggled my fingers, and breathed a huge “Whew!”

Writing is like that, you know. Or, at least it is for me. It seems that I am either struggling to put down words… any words! Or, a sequence of events and the words needed to tell it come so quickly that both my mind and fingers are competing to see which can finish first.

Now, having given the preliminary above, let’s get down to it!

fhbbb2v2smallTwo hours of writing was completed, and I was reading what I had written. I was so pleased, and found that I was actually grinning as I read through paragraph after paragraph.

Something distracted me. I don’t remember what it was… my husband calling me, the phone ringing, or the need for a cold bottled water to give relief from the heat we’re experiencing.

But what I do remember is that I determined that after having done such wonderful writing, said exactly what I wanted to say in those two hours, I needed to take a break.

And that’s when it happened… I exited out of the program without saving it. And, with that one radical moment of unclear thinking, I lost the entire two hours worth of written word.

Ok, I’m just writing this to vent, so please, my dear readers, don’t email me just to tell me that if I did this-or-that I could reclaim it. That would discourage me even more. Mainly because,  just a few hours later I sat down and begrudgingly wrote it all over again.

I have now completely re-written all that material. Somehow I fear it may not be as good as the first rendering, but I can at least say, “Hallelujah! That segment is done and forever behind me!”

So, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go throw away these two huge clumps of hair that I have pulled out of my head, and start preparations for entertaining later today… Memorial Day, you know!




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