Pregnant Ballerina?… Maybe Not…

pregnant ballerinaOften times lying awake at night, my current writing-endeavor comes to mind. Usually it is in the form of “throwing in” new circumstances that, while not really adding to the plot, they add a large dose of one of the following: humor, improbability, or deep emotion.

Writers always need to be careful that they don’t just “journal” the story. I read a story just recently that did just that. The author just wrote as though he was making a time line, or some such. His story took this route: She said… Then he said… Then they walked… Then a man walked up and said… Then she told him to… Then the man got mad… Then the other woman came by and said… Then the first man said… Then they all left and went home.

The interesting thing was that the story had a really solid plot. I found that as I read, though, I kept getting frustrated. The pattern never changed. And, as a result, although I finished the story, instead of giving a rating and review, which would have had to be very, very bad, I just didn’t write anything. I moved on and ordered a new book. (Now, I’m beginning to think I did the author no kindness. Perhaps I should have taken the time to kindly address his boring writing style pattern, while encouraging him to continue to write.)

fhbbb2v2smallWell… I digress. So… back to me!

While I decided, after completing the scenes in my mind, to not include the segment, I wanted to share the picture that inspired the possibility. I was going to bring a pregnant ballerina into the “mix”, who wanted to purchase private studio time. In my mind, at least, what happened during this segment was hilarious! I thought it would just be hysterically funny! In my mind, it would add warmth, humor, and prevent my novel from becoming glorified “journaling”.

The more thought I gave it, though, I decided that even though I could easily wrap it all within the plot, it would just delay things. I am so excited to have this novel released and some things just had to be left out.

So… after all the minutia above, know that the novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2, will be released shortly, minus “the pregnant ballerina” segment.

So close to release… so very, very close!

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