Almost Through the Finish Line…

Yesterday was a joyful day for me. I completed Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2, finished its formatting as an ebook, and did its final read. (Boy, it was a good thing I did that “read”. There was an abundance of errors: spelling, syntax, and things like writing “there” when I meant “their”.)

It took me forever (or so it felt!) to get those preliminary duties done, but alas, they’ve been done and the book is on a pre-release status with an official release date of June 23rd. (Actually, it’s already been released for purchase at, for those of my readers who have Kindle e-readers. Sorry to the rest of my faithful readers… June 23rd is its official release date!)

The picture I have used in this blog post came about not on purpose, but rather by a serendipitous happening.

fhbbb2v2smallI often do online Google image searches to find graphics that will fit in with whatever I’m writing about in that particular post. While I found an abundance of ballet-themed pictures, the one seen here was when I did a search for “finish”. I think it captures most what I’m trying to say at this time.

If you’ll notice, the runner is in process of running through the runner’s finish line tape. But, the tape has not snapped open, nor completely broken loose from the two side posts. That’s where I see myself. I’ve completed my race, and am just now in process of bursting through the finish line.

On June 23rd, that finish line tape will be demolished, when Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2 is released.

Yay! It’s just around the corner!

However… now it’s time to start my new writing endeavor called, Joyful, Joyful… a sweet love story with a crazy plot!

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