Writing… Joyful, Joyful

writingprocess1I don’t think I’ve ever analyzed what steps there are to writing my novels. This morning, I did an online search on this very topic… Steps to Writing. So intrigued with what I found.

When I found this graphic, I was so interested to find out that I really do each step to produce my books. Wow! Live and learn, right?!

Joyful Joyful (cover tiny)In my case, with my present novel, Joyful, Joyful, I think I’m somewhere between the DRAFT stage and the REVISE stage.

I have a tendency to jump back-and-forth between DRAFT and REVISE. The reality of writing doesn’t fit so neatly into a chart.

I just already love Joy (well, Dr. Joy Fullerton). She’s special, albeit quite “messed up”, which is understandable considering her past. But, she has something special about her that is undeniable.

And, what can I say about Grant Cooper?! From bully on the school bus as a kid to… well, as an adult, let’s just say I’m gonna keep him, if Joy doesn’t.

Just know, dear friends and readers, even though I’m the one doing the writing each day, Joy and Grant are their own persons, and parts of their stories are almost writing themselves.


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