To Paperback or Not to Paperback…


A year or two ago, a relative asked me if I was ever going to put my novels into paperback form. She explained that when she read a book, she wanted a REAL book that she could hold in her hands. When she said this I flashed back to my own husband, who basically espoused the same feelings until… our daughter and son-in-law gave him an e-reader as a Christmas gift. Now, he’s addicted to his e-reader.

For reading his Bible and commentaries, my honey says he still prefers a hard copy in hand. He likes to highlight and underscore portions of his studies. But for all other reading, it’s an e-reader!!!

To be perfectly honest, I never did intend to have my novels in paperback form. I never gave it a single thought, until my relative and my husband said something about it. Even then, I tucked it away in a faraway place in my subconscious regions.

However, two days ago, I was working on this very blog, when I decided to check out the stats and referrals. Lo and behold, yet again… google searches had been done by readers around the world (in this case… Nigeria) to find out where the paperback versions of my novels for purchase could be found.


So now, for the first time since writing my very first novel, I am giving thought to paperbacks.

What keeps me from making the commitment? As Mr. Rogers would say…

“CAN YOU SAY LAZY?” (If you’re under forty years of age, you probably never saw the children’s program this is referencing.)

Joyful Joyful (cover tiny)It seems like the time used to investigate paperback conversions could better be served by doing the actual writing itself! Am I wrong?! Am I “cutting off my nose to spite my own face?!” Am I losing readers who would gladly spend a greater amount of money on both the paperback book itself AND shipping?

Oh, woe is me! I am undone! Or, at least very, very confused?!

I definitely need to give this further thought. And confer with my husband, who has tremendous wisdom.

All I can say is… “Where am I??? What’s happening to me???? What’s going on?????” (A little dramatic, but it’s kind of how I feel right now.)

Or… I could just toss the whole dilemma for right now and go downstairs to get a biscotti and mocha latte and just admire the gorgeous day the Lord has given me, just for the taking, then do some writing on my current novel… Joyful, Joyful! Yeah, that’s definitely what I’m going to do!



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