This is Me Writing Joyful, Joyful…

meatcomputerI couldn’t help but giggle lightly this morning when I saw this picture. Mainly, because it looks a lot like ME!

How so? Well, although my hair is considerably blonder, the style while I sit at the computer is very much the same. I mean very much! The ponytail is about the same length, the long hanging tendrils are the same, except that I have no bangs. I wear reading glasses also. Interestingly, the picture even shows her gaze is positioned the same as mine. She is looking straight ahead at her monitor. I do the same. Over the years, I have been at a keyboard so long that I rarely EVER need to look down at the keyboard. (Not bragging.. in fact, I am simply very grateful that my typing skills don’t slow me down when I have any writing inspirations.)

My writing environment is a bit different, though. I have an upstairs office, and my desk sits facing the window, and although the desk is huge, it fits beautifully in the dormer in that room. When I look out the window, there are acres and acres of 60- to 80 ft. tall trees, mostly pine. It almost feels like I’m all alone in the world. I see trees and sky, nothing else. (I love it!) I am looking out the window right now and the sky is blue, with not one cloud in sight. It’s gorgeous! I am so grateful that the Lord has placed me in this place.

Joyful Joyful (cover tiny)Well, now that I’ve analyzed things ad nauseum, I want to mention that I am all alone today… ALL DAY! My adorable husband and our precious daughter are out ministering to the elderly in one of the assisted living homes. They take a group out once monthly, treating them to lunch and shopping. They won’t be home until this evening. That gives me the WHOLE DAY to do some major writing on my current novel.

Oh, joyous gladness! I love to write! I mean… I really, really love to write! I have no delusions of being a great writer, but writing to me is both therapeutic and a privilege, because I get to share Christ, sometimes merely covertly, in my novels, and the joy it is to know Him!

Well, before I spend the whole day writing here, I think I’ll get to work on my novel.

Thanks for sharing this little bit of time together with me!

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