Summertime & the Livin’ is Easy…

beachsummer2016I know… it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve written on my blog. But, really… I had an excuse. We’re on vacay! Yep, these are the views I’ve had while at the beach. In fact… I’ll let you in on a little secret: WE’RE STILL AT THE BEACH!

I thought I’d wait until I got home to write about this time of relaxation, sun, fun, and good food, but I was afraid my faithful readers would think I’d dropped off the face of the earth. (Nope, not yet!)

When I woke up this morning, I decided it was the perfect time to show you what I’ve been experiencing.

Both pictures are from the doors on the balcony of the house we’re staying at. When we look straight ahead, we see the glorious beach. After I took the picture, I realized the surf is down, but at times it gets so crazy that the guys (husband and son-in-law) go out and either body surf or ride their rafts. The lower picture is below our balcony, where we’ve spent endless hours swimming (day and night).

My daughter and I are a different story. We haven’t been in the sun the entire time here. Any walks we take are directly down to the pool, where we swim like crazy fanatics, trying to burn off the calorie intake from all the mountainous amounts of food we’ve been eating. (Did I mention that we do all our swimming at NIGHT?!)

Joyful Joyful (cover tiny)I’ve tried to do some writing on my current novel, Joyful, Joyful, but rather than finishing it (like I thought I would), I’ve only written a maximum of maybe 4- to 5,000 words. (There was always food to eat, shopping to do in town, novels to consume, movies to watch on Netflix or Kody, and laughter to engage in until our stomachs ache.)

So, although my newest novel, Joyful, Joyful, is almost done, it’ll have to wait until we get home, which is TOMORROW, to finish it!

By the way, in answer to one of your questions… my newest novel, Joyful, Joyful, is committed to three months exclusivity at Amazon. So, my dear readers, you still have a bit of a wait before it’s released on your ebook platforms, if not Kindle.

Excuse me… the sounds of the ocean waves are calling me!

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