Departing from My Newest Novel for a While…

christmas-romance-25-daysNo, I haven’t stopped writing anything new. In fact, I’m right in the midst of working on a new romance novel called, From Grace Abounds Grace . But, I’ve kind of taken a turn (a fork? a …?) for a brief period of time.

Christmas is coming up and I plainly admit that once I get going on the holiday preparations, almost everything takes a back seat.


Several years back (about 7 or 8) I decided that I wanted to make very sure my husband wasn’t left behind “in my dust” as I focused on all the things we do at Christmas.

I created a romance plan… yes, I said a romance plan! A laid out plan that allows my husband to feel romanced every single day from December 1st through December 25th, while not impinging on my Christmas preparations.

Truth is… he freaked out! After experiencing one or two days of it, he told me he could hardly wait to wake up each day to see what his “romance surprise” was ( CLUE ONE: looking at the ceiling!).

Once the plan was over, he asked me what I was going to do the next Christmas holiday. Thus, 6 or 7 more plans were born.

But, the truth is… this one has had beta testers galore and every one of them has rated it a 5-star. Even me! And, especially my husband!

It’s a romantic plan that can be done by husbands for wives, or wives for husbands.

And, it’s fool-proof!

Read about it by clicking the book cover above. You won’t be sorry! And, right now it’s FREE on all but one e-reading platform.

And, I’ve created a special page here so that my readers can share with each other about their successes and excitement over this plan!

I just couldn’t help myself. I just have to tell everyone about it!

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