Made It Into My Story…

face-maskOk, come on… like isn’t this cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?! Yeah, well I thought so too. Both of us did, and that’s why we each bought four of them.

When my daughter and I were looking for last minute stocking stuffers and cheapie filler gifts,  we came upon these. Two different brands. (My packets are sooo much cuter than hers!) I guess that last statement gave away that we were buying them for each other. There was going to be no surprise for either of us.

Yes, they’re total nonsense, but come on!!! How could we have possibly resisted them. And, the fact is that at my age (if not hers) we’re always looking for the miracle that will remove all lines, creases, wrinkles, spots, clumps, etc., from our otherwise perfect faces. (Excuse me while I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and dry heave over the toilet!)

The packets were so colorful (as you can see), and were supposed to do things like soothe, clarify, and make our faces supple. “Supple.” Now there’s a cool word, huh?!

I’ve always thought of “supple” as meaning to plump up. And, trust me… there’s NOTHING on my body that needs plumping up!!!

Well, bottom line is that I used one today. It’s already doused in whatever it’s doused in, so that all I had to do was remove it from the packaging and apply it to my face! And, it was glorious! Cooling, relaxing, and it smelled wonderful! When I removed it, I didn’t have to wash or rinse my face. It just dried on its own, leaving my skin… wait for it… “supple!!!”

From Grace Abounds Grace (tiny cover)Well, that’s interesting, Sheila, but what does it have to do with this blog’s purpose, which is to keep my readers “in the loop” on what’s going on in my novel, the one I’m in the midst of writing now… you remember… From Grace Abounds Grace.

Well, here’s the deal.

While I was examining my face after using the face mask sheet, I got to thinking…”Oh, my gosh! I need to use this in the story, where she’s having her all-night bachelorette party. They can lie on the floor, put on the masks, and then talk about…

Nope! Can’t tell anymore! But, it’s now definitely in the story! Yay!

Gotta get back to writing. I’m so jazzed about this!

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