A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

coldWell… sniff, sniff… I’m not exactly sure… sniff, cough… what to even share… cough, nose blow… with the world today. UGH!

Actually, I think the first thing is to tell this to anyone who happens on this page today:

We are a Christian family. We are all born-again believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We believe in an eternal life after our earthly death.

Having said the above, my next comment should just about say EXACTLY what I’m feeling right now:

“I feel like I died and didn’t go anywhere!!!”

I’ve had a cold for exactly one week today. And, while I’m feeling considerably better (3 boxes of Kleenex, 5+ Benadryl tablets, a quart and one-half of orange juice later), I certainly am not ready to do anything yet, but… COMPLAIN!

So, here goes:

My body aches! My nose is so red and swollen and raw, that I am thinking of applying for Rudolph’s job next Christmas! My eyes are droopy, glassy, and saggy! I feel too lousy to put on any makeup, so my appearance is beyond “wretched!’ I can’t taste my food! Of course, trooper that I am, I continue to eat, and somehow I’ve talked myself into believing that because I’m so pitiful, I deserve to eat anything and everything I want, with no consequences calorie-wise! My bathroom scale doesn’t agree, however… the LIAR! I’ve been house-bound for 7 days now, and even looking out windows is starting to scare me (implied agoraphobia)! My adorable husband, who has been waiting on me hand-and-foot, is totally annoying me with his constant cheerfulness! And, it isn’t fair he hasn’t caught this “disease!” If he had any real sympathy, he’d start in with a sore throat and sneezing. But, no… he’s the picture of health! (If he weren’t so cute, I’d smack him!)

Well, let’s get down to the “real deal” here…

From Grace Abounds Grace (tiny cover)Since I feel so yucky… three guesses how much time I’ve spent writing this last week?


Surely by tomorrow or the next day, my pitifully neglected current writing on From Grace Abounds Grace will be resumed. (I pulled out the manuscript about seven days ago, sat there and stared blankly at its last written page, then promptly closed the document, moaned and groaned my way downstairs and crawled into bed, and that’s where I’ve been until today.)

So, all I can say is I hope no one is holding their breath until my novel’s release. Right now I just feel like it’ll get done when I get it done!

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