Justice, Mercy, or Grace? I Choose…

From Grace Abounds Grace (tiny cover)I am currently working on a novel entitled, From Grace Abounds Grace. Well into its plot, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake in not looking up the definition of the word “grace.”  It is something I should have done long before starting the work. Instead, I have been relying on the typical usage of the word I’ve always heard.

In the plot of this story, Grace (the lead character) is just pronounced as “husband and wife” with her beloved. They move on to their reception, then leave for their honeymoon, never suspecting that within the short time it takes to drive out of the reception venue parking lot, an oncoming car would broadside them, instantly escorting Grace’s groom into the presence of Jesus.

While Grace is physically hurt as well, she lives, and in the hospital meets whom she sees as her groom’s murderer. And, from a loosely defined term, he kind of is. It was his error in judgment as driver that caused the crash.

Rather than continuing on with a further synopsis of the story, it’s important at this juncture that three very important terms are defined.

So… I ask you…

justice-scalesIf YOU were responsible for the death of someone, which of the following would you prefer reigned in your trial?

JUSTICE ?  Getting exactly what you deserved as your penalty.

MERCY?  Not receiving the horrible penalty that was actually due you.

GRACE?  Receiving total forgiveness that you didn’t deserve in any way for what you’d done.

I know what MY answer is, and I suspect yours is the same.

As I continue writing, I need to ever keep before me the difference among the three and make sure that the story ends up where it needs to.



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