Creative Storage in From Grace Abounds Grace…


Yesterday as I was writing about Grace’s wedding happenings in my current writing endeavor, From Grace Abounds Grace, I included a portion on the bachelorette party the evening before the wedding. It was held at the home of Grace’s closest friend and the one who introduced Grace and her groom.

At the party, while Grace and her bridesmaids were lying on the floor in Joy’s basement family room, with tomato face masks on,  singing and eating snacks and laughing together, Joy’s little three year old girl came bounding down the stairs wearing one of Joy’s lacy bras. She wasn’t supposed to come down with the ladies all evening. Joy’s husband, Grant, was supposed to be keeping her upstairs all night. Yeah, right! That was going to happen!

Anyway, the bra didn’t fit, of course. It was HUGE on her. But, little Margi thought it  made wonderful storage in each cup for things like Lego pieces, a small stuffed animal, and various food snacks for the evening.

What happens when she gets downstairs to where the bride’s attendants are enjoying their activites, is hilarious! And, unexpected for all the bridal attendants, Margi, and Joy’s husband, Grant.

As I was looking online today to try to capture what little Margi would look like in a woman’s bra, the above picture is what I found.

Are you starting to get the picture?!

Who says there’s no riotously funny moments in romance?!

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