Did I Really Just Do This???…

surprisedAs of last week I accepted a writing challenge, and I don’t know whether to be scared, excited, or both!

The challenge is as follows…

I must write a Christmas romance novella that can be released for THIS Christmas season, is also part of a series that I must write, and so much of it is totally out of my control.

I know the title is going to be: Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Written by me, of course. And, I have no control over the title (which has already been decided upon) or the ebook cover. I have to write the story based on the given title and what the ebook cover looks like.

I notified the cover designer today. She knows that she can do whatever she wants, as long as she includes the given title, author’s name, and a small inclusion of me as author of a specific series. I couldn’t even give her a two-line story byline to put on it, because I am supposed to write it based on the title and the cover’s appearance and content.

Yikes! Is it even possible??? Can I come up with a plot that quickly, then develop and release it before Christmas???

I guess we’re going to find out pretty soon.

As soon as the designer gets the ebook cover to me, I’m going to write like crazy, I guess. This means that I am going to have to put on hold the novel I am working on right now: From Grace Abounds Grace.

Stand by… I will show you the cover reveal as soon as the designer gets it to me!


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