Did I Really Just Do This??? ~ The Cover

In my last post, I shared how I had accepted a bet-you-can’t-do-this challenge. It consists of writing a Christmas romance novella, with the already decided upon title of: CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT. I am to have no say in the title or the cover design of the book. But, based on those two elements, I am to write this novella, with a release date during THIS Christmas season… YES, THIS Christmas season! (As in… what?… maybe five weeks???!!!)

I would ask the question again, “Have I lost my mind???!!!” but I think that has already been established.

Yesterday evening I received the cover from my extraordinary designer. I think she plucked the cover design right from the portion of my brain, labelled: WONDROUS FANTASIES!

Here it is. Isn’t it just the most adorable cover EVER?! Look, look, did you see? Even her HAIR is RED, keeping in the Christmas color scheme!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt (cover small)

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep most of the night. I was too busy plotting the storyline, which I’ve almost got completed in my thinking.

Could it be that I’m actually going to have a blast writing this??? I think, YES!

The only thing I could use help on are the items for the scavenger hunt. I already know the two items that forge this story, but since I’ve never been on a hunt, I have no idea what normal items would be. Maybe something like a gum wrapper from a stick of gum, a penny with the date after 1995, or?… Ok, I’m out. I think the most help anyone could give would be to give me examples of items that could be used in a scavenger hunt list.

Beyond my need for assistance for scavenger hunt list items, I think I’m ready to go!


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