Dare to Try Something New…

Well, I’ve gone and done it! I have no excuses, no one to blame, just a feeling that this 3-book story should start in the MIDDLE, not the beginning.

And, this first one is a NOVELETTE! 

It goes in this order:
* The END.

So, I have just released a brand new novelette,
Manicotti Kisses: A Marriage Proposal Gone So Wrong! 

Here’s the cover:

manicotti kisses tiny

Here’s the blurb:

Kelsey had looked so forward to that evening, the evening she would become engaged to Jeremy. As much as what it would mean to her anticipated future life, she was engulfed in the “fuzzy feelings” that this would be the most elegant, most romantic, most glorious night of her life thus far. One she would never ever forget!


From the moment her day began, “Disaster” was written all over it. But, it wasn’t until the actual spoken words of his marriage proposal that Kelsey’s dream came tumbling down.

Hiding in her dearly departed Grampy’s attic the day after the “engagment proposal travesty,” under the pretense of clearing it out for the new owners, Kelsey locates an old, vintage typewriter, and with a fervor (or perhaps a vengeance), she unfolds to her beloved Grampy about the horrors of her engagement proposal… one that had gone sooo wrong!


So excited to have it released, and just holding my breath until I receive some ratings/reviews.

Take a deep calming breath, find a quiet place to read for the next hour or two, and see how really WRONG a marriage proposal can go!

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