Book 1 Has Been Released…

manicotti kisses wpMany, many, MANY years ago, my now husband proposed marriage to me. I had been waiting excitedly for several months, just so sure that it would come soon.

My cousin (my age and roomie in college our freshman year knew about the upcoming proposal weeks before I did), and never “spilled the beans.” Come to find out, my parents, my brother and wife, my aunt, uncle and both their adult daughters, and my grandmother knew before I did.

Daniel (my husband) had gotten my parent’s blessing beforehand, set up and executed the most romantic evening, and when he spoke the words of his proposal, it was music to my ears. The only disaster that evening was the flat tire he got during our ride home after my acceptance.

Plus, I didn’t pick out my own ring like so many young women do these days. My honey picked it out. And it was just lovely. The design was “out of the box” by standards those days, and it was creative and just beautiful! (Yes, it had diamonds. We weren’t hippies!!!)

Since we’ve been married, however, I’ve heard of some of the most horrendous proposals just riddled with problems. Mostly that’s because we are members of a ginormous church (only 500 members when we started there). But in the thousands now.

The size of our church is not the issue, though. It’s because of the size of the high school and college classes. They are each larger than many churches are. And, in the last several decades, we’ve been sponsors of those classes, mainly high school. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we’ve been to countless weddings, baby showers, and… hear stories that are UNBELIEVABLE about marriage proposals.

I got to thinking what it would look like to have not just the marriage proposal go wrong, but the entire day. Plus, what if the couple were not really like-minded spiritually.


It is a story I’m telling that will require THREE books. And, the order is: Book 1. The Proposal, Book 2. Reflecting on the Courtship Prior to the Proposal, Book 3. How the Whole Thing Finally was Resolved.

I’m hoping to hear from my dear readers to let me know what they’re thinking about this first book in the series. YES… it is a complete story with no cliffhanger. It can be read alone.

I’m hoping my readers can see the unequivocal DISASTER this day was for one very hopeful young woman.

This novel has already been released on AMAZON. It will become available on all other ebook platforms in the middle of July.


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