Romance NOVELS to Romance PLANS…

No… I haven’t gone missing. Call off the dogs, the search and rescue teams, and know that I’m still alive and well,

romance plans on demand

After writing a number of novels, I took my leave (temporarily, I assure you), to try a whole new type of writing… ROMANCE PLANS FOR CHRISTIAN MARRIED COUPLES.

And, I must say that it has been most satisfying. (Thank you to those who’ve taken the time to email us, or write about their experiences with our plans on marriage romance forums. You bless us!)

ROMANCE PLANS ON DEMAND… what does that mean? Well, it includes love certificates, romance how-to ebooks, actual romance plans, romance games, Christmas and Valentine’s extensive plans, and romance word searches, etc. for married couples to enjoy together.

And, almost without exception, they’re all personalized, making them appear to your spouse that you have invested an abundant amount of planning, when we’ve done most all of it FOR you. (But, you can take all the credit!)

If you’d like to check them out, and have some time to read through them, you’ll find them by clicking the above picture/link.

Although I’m planning to return to finish up some of my currently unfinished novels, I’ve got just a bit more work to do on these plans before I feel like I can move away from them.

Thank you again, to those of you for your encouraging words about the use of our plans.
Bless you for investing in your marriage!

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