Story of “Christmas Challenge”

~ The Story of “A Christmas Challenge” ~

3 book covers

Just recently I took on a bet-you-can’t-do-this challenge.

The challenge is as follows:

A 3-novella series is to be entitled “Christmas, and You Too!” The titles and ebook covers come before the books are even begun. The title of the first book is to be Christmas Scavenger Hunt, and of course, it is to be written by me alone (no co-authoring allowed). The first one must be released during THIS Christmas season.

In order to fulfill the entirety of the challenge, all three novellas must be completed, but there is no time frame. They are to be written at my convenience, working around my already busy writing schedule on my romance novels. However, I get temporary credit for fulfilling the challenge as soon as the first one is released. (The writing schedule of the other two is up in the air right now. I can only handle one at a time, right?!)

I am intensely involved in completing the first of the three: Christmas Scavenger Hunt. I’m hoping to release it by December 9, 2017. It is going to be tight, but as of right now the plot is actually writing itself. And, amazingly enough, I’m having fun with it.

The three (3) novellas are entitled: Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Christmas Snowball Fight, and Christmas Song on Third Avenue.

As you can see from the cover pictures above, I’ve had my cover designer busy recently with these three covers. (She is absolutely amazing!) I’ve been in a hurry to complete all three covers, because the first part of my challenge insists that the first book is released during this Christmas season, and the remaining two novellas must already have their cover designs completed at the time of the first one’s release.

This is really going to be something! I vacillate between “Oh, boy!” and “What in the world have I gotten myself into?!” Well… I guess we’re going to see really soon!