Always Engaged in Writing…

~ “Grampy’s Old Typewriter” Series ~

Three books, all about a young woman, the woes of the marriage proposal offered her, and what came afterward, all recorded on her newly departed Grampy’s old typewriter. She knew he’d never read it, but the whole process had a profound effect on her.

Book 1 – Manicotti Kisses ~ From the moment she awoke, this day had “Disaster” written all over it, only to be made worse by the very words of his proposal.

Book 2 – Chili Dog Hugs ~ Back-tracking, she tells the whole story of how they met in the first place, their dating relationship, and how they even decided to get married.

Book 3 – Whoopie Pie Winks ~ Months and months and months later, she’s married. But, to whom? The guy who broke her heart the night he proposed? The handsome childhood “first love”? Or, someone new who is everything she ever wanted?

manicotti kisses wp   Chili Dog Hugs (cover small)   Whoopie Pie Winks (small cover)

Click the book cover of any novel above, to find out more about it, where it is available, and a longer synopsis.

Oh, boy! This is gonna be good!


all-in-a-name-series-banner 2019 (2)

A brand new series has been born. “All in a Name.” Each story introduces a main character whose name is almost the polar opposite of who she is as a person. As each story unfolds, the question becomes, Will she embrace the meaning of her name, consciously or not, and, if so, how will it impact her life?

Ok, I guess it’s time to come clean fully and let my readers know that the first in the series, Joyful, Joyful has been released and is available right now at Amazon for Kindle, paperback, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

To read more about these story lines and order, click the above picture, or click here.

The question still remains, however… did I accomplish my 2018 writing goals? Well… yes and no. WHAT???!!!

While I only finished 1-1/2 of the novels above, I did write three others, two for Christmas and one for anytime of the year:


So, I’m letting myself off the hook. I’m disappointed I didn’t get all three pictured-above novels completed, but sooo grateful to have completed the ones I did.

Perhaps 2019 will allow me to complete the second and third stories above.