Sheila21My adorable husband and I live totally surrounded by forest in a couple of acres of the most beautiful area in North Carolina. We built this home over thirty years ago when we moved here (with no jobs nor any prospects) from Southern California. Yes, we moved from the west coast to the east coast. And the best part? We’ve never once regretted it. This is truly home!

We’re empty-nesters, having the most amazing daughter who had the audacity to grow up, get married and move far, far away (well, five miles away, anyhow). She and her husband are the delights of our lives. We spend inordinate amounts of time with them. We’re blessed!

Now that it’s just the two of us, I have more time to pursue some of the really fun things that the busyness of life (raising a family and teaching high school) didn’t afford me earlier.
My greatest joys these days are to write, cook, bake, and not clean house (pretty much in that order). I mean really… I had the spotless house all the years our daughter was home, now… not so much. In fact, the dust on the furniture I consider to be an “opportunity.” After all, it makes a wonderful page to write notes on for any new writing endeavors, or to note any changes I’d like to make in present writings. I encourage guests to autograph my coffee table. I only ask that when they put the date, they exclude the year.

Okay, what’s up with my writing? I will just say this. I don’t sleep well. When I inevitably get up for several hours nightly, there is nothing more satisfying than laying pen to paper (just kidding, I have a computer and key in everything, but the old image is so much more romantically dramatic, right?!). What do I write? Well, my favorite is contemporary Christian fiction, followed by Christmas romance plans for husbands and wives. I just love them both! You can read about my two latest Christmas romance plans here. So much fun!

About ten years ago, I thought I’d try my hand at creating some cutesy love certificates, but it has grown so much over this last decade that I now a web site that carries my marriage certificate designs and marriage vow renewal certificate designs, www.marriage-vow-renewal.com.

Yes, I’m a busy little child.

But, I would really “miss the boat” (did I really just use that old broken down phrase?) if I didn’t share the greatest thrill in life. Jesus, The One who loves me so much that when I was spiritually dead in my sins, He took it on Himself to pay the penalty for me. I’m free! My husband, our daughter, and our son-in-law are free! We’ve each accepted His precious gift of salvation and rejoice together. We’re a redeemed family!

My hope is that you’ll find me, find my books, and that I will provide you with hours of reading enjoyment.

It would be a win-win! For you… some reading opportunites. For me… an outlet for a mind that just doesn’t want to shut down.

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