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Awesome Love Series, Book 1, Volume 1

Becoming His Awesome Beauty vol 1 (cover5) littleBecoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 1

Awesome Beauty Truesdale managed to barely graduate high school (with no maternal encouragement). The very day she turned eighteen, she was gone.

After three long and lonely years on the streets, she seeks refuge at her Grammy’s door.

Will Grammy take her in? At what cost? And, will either of the two godly men that have more than noticed her, pursue her romantically, or is she doomed to a repeat of her mother’s lonely, unfulfilled, tragic life? And, frankly, what’s up with this “Jesus stuff” that Grammy is so obsessed with?



Awesome Love Series, Book 1, Volume 2

eightBecoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 2 

Awesome Beauty (Awsty) Truesdale walked away from all the horrors of her growing up years. Unfortunately, she made the decision to roam the streets. During that time she experienced her fill of immoral living. After three years, she’d had her fill. Seeking refuge at her grandmother’s door, Awsty’s life begins to radically change and she begins to see her worth to God and to others. As both her appearance and heart begin changing, she is noticed by two godly men, one an associate pastor, one a medical resident. Each begins praying regularly for Awsty, and she is somehow attracted to each man. Which will she ultimately choose? Or, perhaps neither one?



Awesome Love Series, Book 2, Volume 1

fhbbb2v1smallFixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1

Her dancing days are over. Her leg was destroyed in the car crash. The dream is gone… forever!!!

Wait… she’s a Christian. Shouldn’t things be going a lot better? After all, didn’t she pray her way through the pursuing of this “ballet-dancing thing?” Were all those years of training a waste of time?! She was so sure she had God’s Blessing! What happened?!

Now what?!

Can either the entrepreneur or the wood sculptor help her find a new dream?



Awesome Love Series, Book 2, Volume 2

fhbbb2v2smallFixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2

Knowing now that Conyer Whitefield wasn’t driving the car that ended her dancing career, and that he has been a true encourager during her healing process, Giselle is developing some feelings for him.

It seems such poor timing that Conyer is leaving on a lengthy mission trip to Centeral America. She’s going to miss him. Starting an email correspondence with him while he’s away, she awaits his return with anticipation, but is devastated when she sees him, upon his return, in the arms of a woman named Chelsetta.

Now what? Does she just walk away?! Does she stay and fight?! Was there even anything to fight for?!

16 Responses to My Novels ~ Awesome Love Series

  1. Taiwo Ajisegiri says:

    I couldn’t put the book down right when I downloaded it from smashword.
    I love Awsty Grammy character,especially in terms of being firm and kind.
    Thanks for allowing the lord to use you to minister to us using this platform.
    Can’t wait to get the Part 2!


    • Taiwo, thank you so much for your kind words about my book. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It is not often that my readers actually take the time to give me their thoughts on my books, so you are truly a blessing! Thank you again, and blessings from our Lord!


  2. amanda says:

    am blessed by how you showed God’s love to Awesty even when she had not accepted Christ. you made God’s love so real.


    • Amanda, thank you for the kind comment you made about my novel. I am always touched that readers take the time to get in touch with me. And, I am glad that you shared the truth of God’s love. He loves us just as we are, before we ever gave Him any thought at all. Blessings, Amanda, from our Lord Jesus!


      • Sheila God bless u. I’ve just finished reading Awesome Beauty vol1 and I am truly blessed by all the characters especially Awesome Beauty’s granny. I would really love to read the volume 2 but I don’t hv money to buy it. Pls can u help me? Thank u.


      • Thank you, Niense. Your kind words just blessed my soul. Yeah, I love Awesome Beauty’s granny too. Yes, I’d love to share the second volume with you. Just email me and tell me where you want to read it: Smashwords, Nook, Kindle, and I’ll email you the link of download it. Blessings to you also!


  3. Shana Danton says:

    I’ve read the two ballerina ones and they are spectacular. I wasn’t going to read them, because I’m not a “ballet” person, but I found that wasn’t necessary. My thanks to the author for such incredibly written novels.


  4. Sheila Holmes says:

    Thank you so much, Shana. I’m just thankful it gave you some reading pleasure. And thanks for being considerate enough to let me know my novels are moving my readers.



    wow,fixing his broken ballerina volume 1 was awesome,I’ve come to discover that our lives are entwined with others and we live for God and his good pleasures,whatever they are. I am really eager to continue the wonderful story in the volume 2 but prevented by finance,don’t have money to purchase but I would be glad to get a free copy. God bless you Sheila Holmes.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words on Fixing His Broken Ballerina volume 1. I can give you a copy by sending you to a site where you can read it online. If you go to, then to the novel Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2, you can read this novel for FREE by entering this code UJ46U when you check out. This coupon expires on November 14, 2017. When you read it, I would so much appreciate your rating/review either at Smashwords or again on my blog . This coupon code is good for only ONE time, so keep the code safe and private until you use it. Blessings, and again, thank you.


    • Thank you so much for your kind rating of my novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1. I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to read Volume 2 for FREE. Please rate/review it when you complete it. We authors live for those words of encouragement. And again, thank you!



    I almost lost my breathe when I thought Conyer probably went for Chester. Because I sawbhrr only in the beginning of the volume 1 and not again till the excerpt from volume 2. We need to deal with trust, God loves us unconditionally and respect but we always seem to doubt him. Its amazing how God waeves his nest for his little birds (we). Thanks for the gift am grateful, God bless your efforts. Thanks once again. This 2 is a crowning, keep us the good work.


  7. omolara says:

    I so much enjoyed reading Becoming His Awesome Beauty vol 1. I’m really looking forward to the concluding part of the story in vol 2 but I don’t currently have enough to purchase a copy. I would be glad to get a free copy. God bless you, Sheila Holmes.


    • Good morning! (Or at least it is here!)

      Thank you so much for your kind response to my novel, BECOMING HIS AWESOME BEAUTY.

      And yes, I would be thrilled to give you the second and final volume to that story. How would you like to read it? (In other words, where did you read the first volume and I’ll make the 2nd volume available FREE to you.)

      Waiting your response.

      Again, thank you for your gracious response to my novel.



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