My Novels ~ Grampy’s Old Typewriter Series


‘Grampy’s Old Typewriter’ Series ~ Book 1

manicotti kisses wpManicotti Kisses: A Marriage Proposal Gone So Wrong!

She had looked forward to that evening, the evening she would become engaged to Jeremy. As much as what it would mean to her anticipated future life, she was engulfed in the “warm, fuzzy feelings” that this would be the most elegant, most romantic, most glorious night of her life thus far. One she would never ever forget!

And… she never would!

From the moment her day began, “Disaster” was written all over it. But, it wasn’t until the actual words of his marriage proposal that her dream came tumbling down.

Hiding in her dearly departed Grampy’s attic the day after the “engagment proposal travesty,” under the pretense of clearing it out for the new owners, she locates an old, vintage typewriter, and with a fervor (or perhaps a vengeance), she unfolds to her beloved Grampy about the horrors of her engagement proposal… one that had gone sooo wrong!




‘Grampy’s Old Typewriter’ Series ~ Book 2

Chili Dog Hugs (cover small)Chili Dog Hugs: We Met, We Ate, We Fell in Love

In her emotionally devastated condition, Kelsey had hidden herself away in her Grampy’s attic (under the guise of helping her family clear out her deceased grandfather’s house for the new owners), and poured out her heart-breaking story of the previous day, when Jeremy had proposed to her. She left “no stone un-turned” when recounting the events of the day. And, the only moments she wasn’t clickety-clacking away on Grampy’s antiquated typewriter keys, she was curled up on the nasty, dingy old recliner that Grandma had hidden away in the roof space, unabashedly crying. This was the day immediately after the “marriage proposal debacle.”

It is now two days later (three days after Jeremy’s unacceptable proposal of marriage), and Kelsey has gathered enough emotional clarity to continue the saga, pouring out her soul to the grandfather whom she adored, mainly for his well-practiced gift of listening. Only this time, she decides to backtrack and recount everything she could remember of how she and Jeremy met and came to the decision in the first place to commit themselves to each other for a lifetime.

As she describes in detail how she and Jeremy met, dated, and fell in love, Kelsey is gaining some new insights to hers and Jeremy’s relationship, and past incidents that should have raised flags… be they yellow, red, or flags requiring new colors.




‘Grampy’s Old Typewriter’ Series ~ Book 3

Whoopie Pie Winks (small cover)Whoopie Pie Winks: New Romance, New Love, Simple and Sweet

Kelsey’s dreams of a romantic and memorable marriage proposal from Jeremy were dashed. Not only had the day itself been disastrous from the moment she woke up, but it hit rock bottom with the very words of Jeremy’s proposal.

After sharing the horrible event with her deceased Grampy, on his old antiquated typewriter, she back tracks and tells the saga of how she and Jeremy met and began their relationship in the first place.

But, when Jeremy dashes her hopes and dream with his less than stellar marriage proposal, Kelsey feels like she’s back to square one. Now what? Where to go from here? Continue trying to build a relationship with Jeremy? Switch her affections to the handsome and godly David, a childhood friend that has grown into an amazing man?

Months and months and months have now passed. Kelsey has healed emotionally, and she’s been growing as a person, and as a child of God. After having ignored Grampy’s old typewriter, which has been hidden away in her closet, she pulls it out to tell her beloved grandfather about just one more saga, this time a glorious one. She’s married! Gloriously and happily and fulfillingly happy. But… to whom??? Even Grampy would want to know!