Christmas Romance Plans

I’m sooo excited to let you know about these romance plans designed expressly for you and that precious husband or wife of yours!

And, BTW… not to worry! I’ve not only designed each of these plans, but also presented them to my own husband. He asks me every year at the conclusion of the plan, what kind of romance plan I’m using next year!

So, they MUST be good, right?!

Nothing thrills me more than showing husbands and wives new ways to DAILY romance each other during the busy Christmas season. All the following plans will keep romance flowing each and every day throughout the season.



Christmas Romance 25 Days (cover)Christmas Romance: 25 Dazzling Days to Romance Your Spouse Through Christmas


During the busyness of planning a magical Christmas for your husband or wife, it is so easy to neglect the very one for whom you’re working so diligently. This exciting plan has step-by-step instructions for you to make the most romantic Christmas ever for every one of the 25 days! Want options? There are a multitude of options to make it truly yours. Go ahead, be your mate’s romance hero!

This plan has step-by-step instructions, all of which are completed before presentation to your husband or wife on December 1st. You won’t need to do a lot of thinking, but you can take all the credit!



EPSON MFP imageThe Twelve Days of Christmas: A Romance Plan

Romance has no boundaries of time… not even Christmas time! And yet, we can become so busy planning a wonderful and exciting Christmas celebration for our lifemate that we actually neglect the one for whom we’re creating this excitement.

This is a step-by-step instructions plan for creating the most romantic twelve days of Christmas imaginable for that husband or wife that you so love! It will take very little thinking on your part. Just follow the steps, starting any day you want during December, and you will become your spouse’s romance hero! Of course, we’ve given you options,
strictly for those who want this Christmas romance stamped with your own uniqueness.



EPSON MFP imageRomance is a Christmas Riddle

This 25-day Christmas romance plan is phenomenal. It takes the form of a game of Christmas riddles, complete with scoring and prizes. Your Sweetie is going to go crazy over this level of romance!

All your preparation is completed prior to the first day you present the plan to that adorable husband or wife of yours.

But, don’t worry! You can take all the credit on this daily romance which will dazzle your spouse!



EPSON MFP image25 Days to Romance Your Wife ’til Christmas (A Romance Plan)

Not one time or day… not one week… but romance every single day for 25 days! This romance plan is simple, but EXTREMELY effective. Your wife will consider her “romance hero!”

There is almost no preparation work at all. We’ve done all that for you, but you can take
all the credit!



EPSON MFP image25 Days to Romance Your Husband ’til Christmas ~ A Romance Plan

You’re busy… REALLY busy! You’re gift-shopping, gift-wrapping, cleaning house, decorating, sending Christmas cards, goodies-baking… the list doesn’t end. So… while you’re busy with all this, what attention are you showing your sweet husband? You don’t want him to get lost in the shuffle.

This romance plan (with almost NO work daily for you) will make him feel like he is a “king.” Complete with feelings of being loved and reverenced.



EPSON MFP image‘You and Me, and a Merry Christmas Makes Three’ Romance Plan

A romantic gesture anytime of year is welcome by one spouse from the other. But, if the romance can be lengthened to last for 25 days… well, need we say more?! This plan will keep you both laughing and loving for the entire time of the Christmas season! Yes, the WHOLE Christmas season! Fun and Romance Galore!


You and Me, and a Merry Christmas Makes Three Romance Plan

A Christmas romance plan that lasts 25 days, December 1st thru December 25. Personalized with your names and sent in pdf format, ready to print out and begin on December 1st.


4 Responses to Christmas Romance Plans

  1. Shana Danton says:

    I used the Christmas Romance: 25 Days… plan and I must say it is beyond unbelievable my husband’s response. He got so excited every day when he woke up in the morning to find his revealed romance surprises. And, I got to thinking that it would be fun to change a few things and use this same plan next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    By the way… how in the world did you come up with this idea?!


    • Sheila Holmes says:

      Thanks, Shana. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Last year? Sounds like you’ve given this some thought (about how to change it to use again next year. Yay!)
      I came up with the idea for my own husband about seven or eight years ago. He was so excited himself, that I’ve come up with about six or seven more plans. (Some aren’t conducive to making into ebooks. (They involve shipping.)
      Thanks again!


  2. SJ says:

    I used the Christmas is a Romance Riddle. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET THESE ROMANCE PLAN IDEAS FROM?! Unbelievable! Can’t decide which to go for this year. Thank you, thank you. My husband thinks I’m the most romantic woman in the wordl.


    • Thank you, SJ. I used that one (actually, all of them) on my own husband. He loved it so much he wanted to know if I’d expand and do another one the next year. Yay for you and me! We have happy husbands who know that they’re loved!


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