My Name is Sheila and I’m a Procrastinator…

procrastination2There’s no point even trying to deny it, I’ll just come out and admit that I am a procrastinator… BIG TIME!!!

I was supposed to have finished my current writing endeavor, From Grace Abounds Grace. Not only should I have already completed and released it, but it should have been done months ago. (If I’m not mistaken, it was originally scheduled to be released Winter, 2016… December.)

From Grace Abounds Grace (tiny cover)Would someone please tell me what’s wrong with me!!! I have come up with a gazillion different reasons (on a daily basis) why I couldn’t sit down and write. Some days I’d say to myself that if I only committed myself to 300-500 words, I might actually just sit here and continue for hours and hours.

Nope! Doesn’t work!

Here are some of the things I’ve done instead…

Painting furniture, shopping online for house accessories, going clothes-shopping for some summer items, writing long notes to friends and family, doubling up on my workouts daily, sitting for hours online looking for wonderful new recipes to try, and reading voluminous amounts in novels I’ve downloaded.

Now come on… you’ll admit with me, no doubt, that all those things are fine. All of them benign in and of themselves. What makes them “procrastination” is that it seems the overwhelming majority of these activities begins within moments after I sit down to continue writing on my novel.

My pattern is to take one long searching look on the page I left off last time I wrote, sit staring out the window at my beautiful two acres of tall trees, contemplating where I want to head off into my story, then re-direct my thinking to some of the things “I really should be doing instead” (yeah, right), and the next thing I know, I’m completely disconnected from the story line.

I don’t get it! I just don’t get it! Is it an ADD (attention deficit) thing? Is it an age thing? Am I not as enchanted with the story line as I first thought? I just can’t seem to get this novel done. Funny thing is that I looove this story, as I see it in my head. And, I even know where it needs to go, but…

Well, it’s the weekend now. So, I’ll start back in first thing Monday morning. (Is my nose growing?!)

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