Words of Encouragement…

Sometimes I forget that in this digital world, my stories can be- and apparently are read around the world. My books are read in multiple English-speaking countries. And even some that aren’t. That in itself is a thrill to me, to think that what I write is not just something I love to do so I do it, but that there is a small collection of people around the world that find what I write as worthy of their time to read. That’s a very humbling prospect.

But, none has been so humbling as a review that came in last week. It was just a short email from a reader, and this dear one had no idea how their words of encouragement would leave such a huge mark on my heart.

Aderinoye kindly wrote about Becoming His Awesome Beauty:

Nice story ma’am. It really gives hope to people that thinks their life is too shattered 4 God to take over. Keep it up ma’am.

It’s easy to forget that words have such power! In those two simple lines, I was encouraged to continue writing, and reminded that when a reader finishes one of my books, they should finish it feeling edified, remembering that each of us has great value to the One Who created us.

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