2016 ~ A New Year of Writing…


Well, I suppose I could tell my readers of the extraordinary New Year’s Eve party that has thus far been the highlight of this new year. But, the truth is that we didn’t go to any parties that evening. We didn’t even manage to stay up to ring in the New Year by watching “the ball drop” in Times Square.

The truth is, the tv was turned off about 9:45pm and I don’t remember another thing. We didn’t kiss each other goodnight and wish each other a “Happy New Year!” We just turned over and laid in a comatose state until the next morning. This is so unusual for us! But, hey, the truth is the truth.


Now that the days are turning really chilly, it’s usually when I turn into high gear when it comes to writing. The darker, the colder, the “uglier” it gets, the more I’m inspired to write. Don’t know why… it’s just the truth. And, as I said above, the truth is the truth.

I was supposed to long since have Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1 completed and be working diligently on the second and final volume of this story. But, I still have a bit to write to complete this volume.

skateboardBut, rejoice! I know exactly how the ultimate story will resolve. And, here is just a crazy, crazy hint!

<—-  <—-  <—-  <—-

This picture is a portion of the cover of the second volume, which I’ll be completing and publishing soon for those who wish to pre-order the second volume.

ballerinaI’m at the stage where our ballerina, Giselle, is starting to do some serious thinking about “someone” and considering that maybe she’s had things all mixed up in her thinking about the men in her life thus far. Either that, or she’s been right all along.

Only time will tell. Still planning on a late January release. Make time to click here and read the Prologue and Chapter 1, so that you’ll have an idea about the characters and plot to sustain you until you can read the whole thing.

Blessings in this New Year! Jesus is alive and well and still in control in 2016!

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