Who Could Have Ever Thought…?!

Well, who would have ever thought what has happened would happen?!

As my readers know, I took on a bet-you-can’t-do-this challenge. The challenge was to write a Christmas novella, release during THIS Christmas season, and write two more Christmas novellas on my own schedule (after Christmas). My book cover designer was to use her own imagination. I had no say over her designs. Between the covers and their titles, I have two of them solidified in my brain, as far as their plots.

The challenge included that since three novellas were to be written, ALL three book covers must be submitted at the same time as the first completed novella is released. That release is scheduled for December 9th.

3 book covers

I have been working diligently for weeks now, and am about 5- to 8,000 words from completing the first one. I’ve scheduled writing time, editing, and formatting time so that the first novella, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, would release EXACTLY that day.

Well, while I was making my big plans, the Lord had something entirely different in mind. I admit, I don’t understand, but I also know that the Lord tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He’ll direct your path.”

After almost five years of shoulder pain (right shoulder, and yes… I’m right-handed), I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I went to my orthopedist. Bottom line??? As of Monday, this will be me:

rotator cuff surgery

I’ll be having rotator cuff tear repair surgery, and will be in a sling until Christmas.

The question now is: How do I finish my novella, and prepare our Christmas celebration, complete with house-decorating, tree-decorating, baking of Christmas goodies?

I have no idea!

What I do know is that I need to make wise decisions on how to prepare for Monday and after. And, even more importantly, I need to thank the Lord that this problem can be repaired, that I have a tremendous support team, and that whether or not I’m able to complete my novella, decorate the house, bake goodies, shop and wrap gifts, Jesus’ Birthday Party will still happen in my heart and the hearts of those of us around the world who love our Savior.

So, since this may be the last time I can sit at the computer and type anything, I still say from the bottom of my heart,

“Happy Birthday, Jesus! And, bless Your Holy Name!”

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