Can You Say “Lazy?”…

guiltyI am so disgusted with myself today. And, it’s entirely because of last week!

Last week I should have cranked out a minimum of 10- to 12,000 words in my newest novel, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 1. But, no… I only managed 2,000 words on Friday morning. UGH!

jailWhen I was just a little girl, I remember watching a children’s program on tv. I watched it faithfully. It was called “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” He was big on teaching children new vocabulary, so when he used a new word, he would say to the watching audience, “Can you say __________ (whatever the word was)?” He was known for the phrase, and it is still referenced today. Well, I have resorted to his method of teaching a new vocabulary word to my readers. So… I ask you…

“Can you say ‘LAZY?'”

And, I’ll be the first to admit I had nothing standing in the way of me writing. I had plenty of spare time, no outside commitments, and dreary, dark rainy weather (which always inspires me). For some reason, even unknown to me, I just didn’t feel like it and wasn’t going to do it! (What am I? Like, four years old?!)

Well, that time is lost and November 13th (the release date) is still coming, just without my lost 12,000 words. I’m really going to have to hustle!

The good news is that today I feel inspired. The weather is “ugly,” I have no commitments, and plenty of time. So here I go!

I needed to do a bit of research on ballerinas this morning, and here are some interesting things I found:

ballerinaBallerinas should: * Have small heads (proportionate to their bodies), * Be 5’3″ to 5’8″, * Weigh between 85 to 135 pounds, * Have long necks, legs and arms, *Have muscular bodies, and *Be small-busted.

Humph! Double humph! (I didn’t know any of this until this morning!)

Well, enough of this. I need to get writing right this minute… or maybe after I eat a bite of lunch! Yes, definitely lunch first!

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