Ballet for Parkinsons…

parkinsons balletI can’t really share like I’d like to, but this post is just a mere hint of something BIG that happens (or kinda sorta) in the novel I am completing right now, Fixing His Broken Ballerina: Volume 2.

Ballet is beautiful just for the sake of dance itself, but just imagine how precious is the beauty of ballet, especially when one both has a horrendous physical malady AND can dance!

fhbbb2v2smallResearch on people with Parkinson’s disease is finding that ballet is excellent for both exercising and strengthening muscles.

Those who are waiting to read the 2nd volume of Fixing His Broken Ballerina are going to be fascinated with seeing how the story  “uses lemons to make lemonade”, and how love plays a magnificent role in its happening!

I am just crazy about the turn this novel is taking… than even I imagined. It has taken a life of its own, and I feel blessed to be able to share it with my readers.

It’s getting closer to the release date! Yay! I’m sooo excited!

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